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January 6, 2014
IndigiLINK announces its official launch on NationTalk!

To view media release, please Click here.

December 6, 2013
IndigiLINK on NationTalk!

The official launch date for IndigiLINK was announced on NationTalk this morning! You can read about it on the NationTalk website: Click here.

Welcome to IndigiLINK

What is IndigiLINK?

IndigiLINK is for professional social networking and collaboration for those working in the field of Indigenous research and policy.

We welcome people working on Indigenous issues in a variety of capacities, including professionals, scholars, researchers, policy makers, Indigenous community leaders, Elders, Indigenous community members, advocates, service providers, and students.

Who is Behind IndigiLINK?

IndigiLINK is an initiative of the Aboriginal Policy Research Consortium International (www.aprci.org), which is based out of Western University in London, Ontario, Canada (www.uwo.ca).

IndigiLINK has been funded by Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC), the Aboriginal Policy Research Consortium (International) (APRCi), the International Indigenous Policy Journal (IIPJ), and the Indigenous Health and Well-being Initiative (IHWI).

What Can I Do on IndigiLINK?

  • Network
    IndigiLINK allows you to find and connect with others working on similar Indigenous issues from your region or around the world. You can connect with individuals using the "connection" feature. You can also join groups by topic or region.

  • Communicate
    IndigiLINK offers a variety of private and public communication tools. You can post public messages on the wall of your profile, forum, or public group, as a blog entry, or public chat. These public communications will be visible to other members and show up on activity feeds. You can also send private messages using messaging, private chat, or invitation-only group features.

  • Collaborate
    IndigiLINK has a variety of tools to help your team work together. You can create an invitation-only group that will allow you to communicate privately with other members of your team. The events calendar can help you organize meetings and events. You can host virtual meetings using chat and instant messaging (IM). Store and exchange files using the file sharing application. There is even a poll feature so decisions can be made by member vote.

  • Share
    IndigiLINK offers tools to share a variety of multimedia resources. Share web links, photos, videos, and files with other members.


  • Browse and search member profiles
  • Create a friendship network with colleagues
  • Customizable privacy controls
  • Private messaging
  • Activity feed to keep track of what is going on in your network
  • Photo albums (with privacy control)
  • Blogs (with privacy controls)
  • Groups (with privacy controls)
  • Organization Pages (with privacy controls)
  • Events (with privacy controls)
  • Chat and instant messaging (IM) (with privacy controls)
  • Forums (with privacy controls)
  • Video sharing (with privacy controls)
  • File sharing (with privacy controls)
  • Polls (with privacy controls)